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How worried should you be about the Ontario Sex-Ed Repeal? Very!

So, how dangerous is the recent repel of the Ontario sex Ed curriculum? Very. I don’t write this reflection through the lens of a physical education specialization or experience – far from it. However, I reflect if my own children … Continue reading

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The Incredibles 2: A Parent’s Guide

If you’re a fan of animated films (and not just those produced in Hollywood), then you can deeply appreciate Brad Bird’s recent online rebuttal that animation films are not kid movies. In responding to a fan on social media who … Continue reading

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Deep Learning: Ensuring the “ISU” lives beyond the school and classroom.

A week ago today, on May 30th at Yorkdale Silver City in Toronto, the 4th Annual Ignite digital media showcase of creative works produced in Communications Technology at Chaminade College School came to life. It’s with this culmination of student … Continue reading

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It’s not my Classroom: Reflecting on Cultural Responsive Pedagogy

If you’re a teacher, my sincere hope is that you can appreciate the need to serve students as individuals; recognizing that each child is shaped by a personalized narrative that can very much determine, or at least help shape, their … Continue reading

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Encourage students to share their “Why.”

Over the course of the past few years , I’ve written and have actively advocated for the authentic integration of cross curricular portfolio design; not solely curating learning artefacts but building and sustaining a holistic digital presence including digital portfolios … Continue reading

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Roseanne’s back. Are you watching?

25 million on its second Tuesday; now let’s starting talking. Firstly, I’m an unapologetic fan of the Conner family since the show’s glory days. It’s with my excitement, to not just watch but write about the rival, that I paused … Continue reading

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What does assessment really mean? How do students know if they’re learning?

Since the beginning of the new semester, I had the privileged to collaborate with education officers with the Ministry of Education – Student Achievement Branch with the goal to document student learning as it pertains to media literacy. The goal … Continue reading

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