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What teachers & students can learn from Stranger Things

If you’re a classroom teacher then you can appreciate the value in a shared discourse as it pertains to the learning skills – those skills that speak to not only the culture of learning but importantly (and exhaustively to the … Continue reading

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Wicked World: A Parents Guide to Watching Descendants 2

If you’re like me and have children under the age of 13 , then I’m certain you know the lyrics of Wicked World or Chill’in like a Villian , songs from Disney’s Descendants and Descendants 2 that may vibrate from … Continue reading

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Love Transcends: Gender, Equality and Teaching Wonder Woman as an Anti-War Film

Much has been written about the phenomenon of the Wonder Woman film. From the onset of its June 2 release, the film became the most “tweeted” about movie of the summer season thus far. I found myself tweeting my fondness … Continue reading

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Logan & why I take my students to the movies

Let me begin by stating that although I’m a huge fan of comic book movies, I do feel that the preoccupation of creating a global box-office and merchandising behemoth, glossed over by hyper special effects and characters who passively exist to … Continue reading

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Be Adventurous and Brave

It’s Sunday morning, Oscar day (my Super Bowl ), and I’m writing this post mid-flight on my way to Timmins to give a presentation tomorrow to Northeastern Catholic District School Board elementary and secondary teachers.  This is a bit of … Continue reading

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Trump and the classroom lesson.

We’re living history. With the morally dysfunctional Donald Trump igniting a reform in societal political awareness, there is something great coming out from the ashes of his contempt. Rebellion. People are rebelling. From the Women’s March to the universal decrying … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Vincenzo Natali

Today in my Gr. 11 Communications Technology course, we had the distinct pleasure to welcome, celebrated director Vincenzo Natali, who join and enriched the learning via Skype. With genuine warmth, he reflected on a variety of topics. From the rise … Continue reading

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